How it works

Mobility Tape for her is a medically recongized method for alleviating menstrual pain and premenstrual syndrome. In short, Mobility Tape for her lifts the skin to increase blood flow, while the infused menthol slowly releases thoughout the application to further target pain and provide a soothing hot/cold sensation. We've done extensive testing to see how women react. To say the least, the results are AWESOME!

A study conducted in 2013 by Dr. Bae explained that kinesio taping does the following: 
“Kinesio taping is an auxiliary treatment that maximizes natural recovery ability and corrects the balance of the human body by adjusting electromagnetic flows on the skin, indirectly stimulating muscles or organs right under the skin using non-chemicallytreated tape. This technique is said to promote three effects: to normalize muscular function; to increase lymphatic and vascular ow; and to diminish pain.” (Bae, 2013). 

Dr. Bae concluded it as a clinically recognized form of treatment toward menstrual pain relief and premenstrual syndrome: 

“As discussed above, we consider both Kinesio and spiral taping to be effective methods for alleviating menstrual pain and premenstrual syndrome. In other words, when experiencing such symptoms, these taping methods can be added to the list of existing treatments as medically recognized methods.” (Bae, 2013).