10 Best Natural Period Products to Buy For Your Daughter

Here are the 10 best natural period products to instill good natural habits in your daughters period maintenance.

Either your daughter just got her period or she finally got the courage to tell you she did. Either way you want to support and help her through this uncomfortable time. Getting your period for the first time can be a little daunting, so having the tools on hand to help make the process a little better will make your daughter so happy she told you.

The thing about period management is it is a habit that will be passed down from generation to generation in a family. The way you teach your daughter how to manage her period and what products you teach her to use will most likely continue to be used through her life. So it is important to instill good habits and good products.

Before the 1980’s there was very little talk about period products and period management so we are finally hitting the generation where it is encouraged to talk about periods and to provide innovative products. Your daughter not only has the option of giant cotton pads or uncomfortable tampons, but she has the option to sleek pads, period undies, menstrual cups, discs, and more. The best part is there are so many all natural ways to help your daughter manage her period without exposing her to chemicals and drugs.

Here are our top natural period products to buy for your daughter

In the United States alone, approximately 12 billion pads and 7 billion tampons are discarded each year. You can help your daughter make a difference by adopting reusable pads. Lucky Pads offers a variety of fun patterns and sizes.

2. Period Underwear  Thinx

Thinx Period Underwear

If reusable pads isnt your thing then period underwear can be a good alternative. Put them on and forget you even have your period. Thinx offers a variety of absorbencies and styles to make you the most comfortable on your period.

3. Menstrual Cup  My Pixie Cup

My Pixie Cup

Imagine that over the course of a woman’s roughly 38 years of menstruation, she only had to throw away four small menstrual cups instead of 8,000 to 17,000 tampons. That’s a difference of almost 300 pounds of waste! My Pixie Cup is just one of the menstrual cups that offers a environmentally friendly option for periods.

4. Organic Pad  Rael Organic Cotton Pads

Rael Organic Pads

Hypoallergenic pads designed without synthetic chemicals and toxins, making them great for sensitive skin.

5. Reusable tampon applicator - Dame

Dame Tampon Applicator

Enjoy your all natural tampon without the hassle of waste.

6. All natural Tampons - Lola Tampons

Lola Tampons

Lola tampons use organic cotton without toxins or synthetic fibers. Their products are eco-friendly, biodegradable, hypoallergenic, and they’re convenient: order online, and they’ll deliver straight to your door each month.

7. All Natural Period Pain Relief  Mobility Tape For Her

Mobility Tape For Her

Mobility Tape For Her is a new period pain management solution that uses all natural analgesics of menthol and borneol infused in kinesiology tape. The tape is placed on the lower abdomen or back where one feels their period cramps and within 10-20 minutes it heats up. This reaction creates increased pain relief and an increase in blood flow to the area which helps reduce inflammation in the area. It is very easy to apply and discrete allowing your daughter to wear it to school under her clothes without anyone noticing.