How it Works


So how does it work? 

Mobilitytape for Her is a kinesiology tape infused with a therapeutic blend of Menthol and Borneol to create a pain relief superstar! 

Once applied to your skin, you will instantly feel the therapeutic sensations. This will increase blood flow and will also help reduce inflammation by limiting prostaglandin production. The soothing temperature is comforting and decreases physiological stress continuing to provide relief for up to 3 days. 

Applied to where you feel discomfort, Mobilitytape for Her lifts the skin to help increase lymphatic drainage in the area, thus decreasing inflammation. 

Whatever your lifestyle demands, Mobilitytape for Her will help ease your pain while letting you get on with life - it’s waterproof (it will survive the gym, shower and pool-party) and will not get in the way as it sits comfortably and discreetly beneath your clothing. 

No pills, no bulky devices, no weird side effects. 

Why you’ll love it

  • Natural ingredients
  • Drug free, hormone free
  • Topical, non-invasive
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Waterproof 
  • Easy to apply
  • Comfortable and discreet
  • Single application lasts up to 3 days
  • 16ft (5M) roll lasts around 3 months
  • Approved by health agencies including Health Canada

How do I apply it for menstrual discomfort?

Step 1

Cut 3 pieces of tape to desired length - approximately 5-7in depending how spread your pain is. Round the edges of all the pieces of tape and rub them between your hands as if you were warming up your hands to soften the adhesive. 

Step 2

Rip the backing paper off of one of the ends to create an anchor. Stick on your abdomen at the lowest point you feel pain. Stretch the tape upwards on a diagonal and stick down. It helps to place both ends without stretching. Rub in to set the tape. Repeat on the other side.

Step 3

Take the last piece of tape and rip the back down the middle of the tape. Use the middle as the anchor and place it in the middle of your lower abdomen between the two other strips. Then stretch one side of the tape across the abdomen and stick, and do the same on the other side. You want the stretch to be tight enough to feel like the tape is supporting/lifting the skin. 



If you’re also feeling pain in your lower back you can ease this by applying two strips 7in long along your back muscles. 


Tips for application:

  • Make sure you apply to clean and dry skin - no lotions or oils as this prevents the tape from sticking. 
  • Round the edges of the tape. 
  • Rub pieces of tape in between your hands to heat up the adhesive before applying. 
  • This helps increase sticking strength.
  • Peel the back off one of the edges to create an anchor. This makes it easier to apply. Place the anchor without stretching and then stick the rest of the tape into position. Both edges of the tape should be placed without stretch. 
  • Do not shower, bathe, or sweat too much within 15 minutes of applying the tape. This can reduce the strength of the adhesive before it properly activates.
  • If you’re struggling to remove it, use olive oil, baby oil, lotion, or take it off in water slowly.