10 Best Wellness Gifts for the Health Fan in Your Life

Thoughtful presents for their mind and body.

Winter Holidays isn’t only the time for partying and overindulging, it can also be the time to reflect, relax, and recharge. Everyone deserves a few wellness gifts along with all the chocolate and cookies they will receive and luckily wellness gifts are pretty easy to gift. Ranging from experiences to products, wellness gifts will let your loved ones know that you care about them. And hey, there’s nothing wrong with gifting one of these to yourself either!

To make your holiday shopping a little easier, we’ve assembled 10 of our favorite wellness gifts from this year to help provide some much needed relief or support to that special someone in your life.

All products featured are independently selected by our editors.

1. Calm App Gift Subscription (1 year)

Calm is an app for everyone, not just those who struggle with stress or anxiety. Whether you need (or don’t know you need) some daily affirmations, mindful quotes, a better pre sleep ritual, help falling asleep on a plane, or something to wind down after a busy day at work, Calm has it all. Personally, I love the bedtime stories to help me fall asleep. A gift subscription gives them a year of access to the app’s library of guided meditations, sleep sounds, focus music, and more.

2. Mobility Tape For Her

This new method to combatting pain can be a game changer for the health guru in your life. Taking pharmaceuticals for every pain and ache can be detrimental to one’s health long term, thus, finding a natural method that works is a life saver. Mobility Tape For Her is a heated kinesiology tape that is infused with menthol and borneol to provide all natural pain relief and reduction in inflammation. It works amazing for all types of pains from period cramps, back pain, migraines, knee pain, and so much more.

3. The Hyperice Hypervolt 2

Know someone who is always stretching, complaining about aching or tight muscles? The Hypervolt 2 is the most quiet percussion instrument on the market that brings you an on the go self massage. It helps loosen up muscles, bring blood to an area, and relax knots. It is definitely a gift you will be asking to borrow over and over again.

4. Monarch Tea – Holiday Tea Lover’s Gift Set

Give the gift of a warm hug, perfect for those who want to wind down and relax during the holiday season. Monarch Tea Co is a female owned small business that makes hands down the best Earl Grey Tea. This gift set is perfect for tea lovers coming with a 50g bag of tea, handmade soap, lip balm, and organic soy and coconut wax candle. All Canadian and small business made!

5. Lululemon Double Roller

The best roller hands down. The exterior roller helps massage your arms and legs and the interior roller is the perfect roller to release tension and knots in your back. After a long day of work, nothing feels better than to use the interior roller.

6. Oura Ring Generation 3

The ultimate fitness and health tracker. Oura tracks activity and fitness, sleep activity, period prediction and cycle tracking, as well as providing guided meditations, audio sessions and more to boost wellness. Heart rate and skin temperature is best measured on the finger rather than on the wrist which makes the Oura more reliable than other wearable fitness trackers. Not to mention, its pretty fashionable too.

7. Saje Wellness Pocket Farmacy Mindful Edition

If you haven’t tried Saje aromatherapy yet, you are missing out! Whether you are feeling stressed or sad or angry, these roll-on essential oil blends off on-the-go assistance to boost your moods. This kit includes blends for reflection, confidence, connection, unwind and energy. These essential oils can help revitalize your mind, let the day go, feel empowered, ground yourself, and cultivate compassion.

8. Lush - Twilight Bath Bombs

Theres not much better than relaxing in a hot bath after a long day.. or year. This is a perfect stocking stuffer for your loved one who loved taking baths. This bomb has lavender oil and comforting tonka which will soothe their stressed body and mind and help prepare you for a restful slumber.

9. Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art

One of the best reads for those seeking to maximize their health in easy ways. This book dives into the science and history of breathing and how humans have lost the ability to breathe correctly, resulting in many health consequences. Breath breaks down science and research current and from the past to show how making event slight adjustments to the way we breathe can do as much as increasing athletic performance, rejuvenate internal organs, halt snoring, asthma, and autoimmune disease, and even straighten scoliotic spines. Breath will change the way you think about this simple principle and help you lead a healthier life.

10. The Human Being Journal

This journal is perfect for pretty much anyone seeking a little bit of mindfulness practice. Personally, journaling is the best thing I can do for myself to destress and refocus after a challenging day. This journal includes prompts for health, career, and relationships.

What are your favourite wellness gifts to give? Let us know what to include for next year!